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Who should wear OBJ pouch covers?

OBJ pouch covers are designed for people with ostomies who want some discretion during intimate moments.

Do they work with ostomy pouches that hang down in a vertical position?

Yes, OBJ pouch covers work with both horizontal and vertical ostomy pouches. Even if you wear a one-piece vertical ostomy pouch, you can use our pouch covers. In fact, they’ve been designed by an ostomate who wears a one-piece vertical ostomy. The pouch covers feature a large vertical opening on the back side that provides plenty of room for the ostomy pouch to be tucked into the pouch cover.

How do I determine which size I should wear?

Measure around the part of your body in line with your stoma. We suggest measuring over your stoma while wearing your pouch to get an accurate measurement. Use that measurement to determine your pouch cover size in our size chart.

How do I wear it?

Simply slide the pouch cover up to your ostomy pouch with the elastic band around you. Once in position, tuck your empty ostomy pouch into the pouch cover by using the center slot on the reverse side of the pouch cover. There is plenty of space to accommodate pouches of various sizes.

Can I wear one all day long?

We designed our pouch covers to be worn briefly during intimacy.

Are they leakproof?

Since our pouch covers are meant to be worn only briefly, we didn’t design them specifically to guard against leaks. We suggest emptying your pouch before wearing an OBJ pouch cover.

How big are the pouch covers?

The pouch covers measure approximately 7” long and 4 1/2” tall. Expect a little shrinkage after washing/drying.

Can they be washed?

Yes, you can wash our pouch covers in warm water and then either hang dry or tumble dry with low heat.

Do they come only in a horizontal orientation?

Yes, our OBJ pouch cover design focuses on keeping your ostomy pouch out of the way during intimacy. We think the best way to achieve this is to hold the pouch in a horizontal orientation so that it’s kept up and away from the action happening down below. Even if you wear your ostomy pouch in a vertical position, you shouldn’t have any trouble tucking the empty pouch sideways into the pouch cover.

What about returns?

You can return an unused pouch cover to us within 30 days of receipt for either a replacement or a refund.

Where are they made?

OBJ pouch covers are manufactured in Dallas, Texas.

Still have questions?

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